# Create your own search engine by aggregating data from variouis search engines
# and store the updated entry data to the localhost HyperEstraier

  # Subscribe to search engines using "Plagger" as a keyword
  # and "http://plagger.org/" as a linking URL
  - module: Subscription::Planet
      keyword: Plagger
      url: http://plagger.org/

  # Aggregate those feeds using Xango the asynchronous crawler
  - module: Aggregator::Xango

  # Fixup permalink by resolving redirector cruft to the canonicalized URL
  - module: Filter::TruePermalink

  # Upgrade entry body to fulltext if possible
  - module: Filter::EntryFullText

  # Create SmartFeed by merging search results into a single new feed
  - module: SmartFeed::All

  # Store merged feed entries to localhost Estraier instance
  # by using its node HTTP API
  - module: Search::Estraier
      url: http://localhost:1978/node/plagger
      username: example
      password: p4ssword
      expression: $args->{feed}->id eq 'smartfeed:all'