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Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
shipit - Executable for ShipIt
ShipIt - software release tool
ShipIt::Conf - holds/parses config info for a project
ShipIt::ProjectType - abstract base class for different types of projects
ShipIt::State - holds state between steps
ShipIt::Step - a unit of work to be done prior to a release
ShipIt::Step::AddToSVNDir - copies/adds/commits distfile to local (svn) directory
ShipIt::VC - abstract base class for version control systems
ShipIt::VC::Git - ShipIt's git support
ShipIt::VC::Mercurial - ShipIt's Mercurial support
ShipIt::VC::SVK - ShipIt's SVK support
ShipIt::VC::SVN - ShipIt's subversion support
__ShipIt_Temp_Package in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/Perl.pm
ShipIt::ProjectType::AutoConf in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/AutoConf.pm
ShipIt::ProjectType::Perl in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/Perl.pm
ShipIt::ProjectType::Perl::MakeMaker in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/Perl/MakeMaker.pm
ShipIt::ProjectType::Perl::ModuleBuild in lib/ShipIt/ProjectType/Perl/ModuleBuild.pm
ShipIt::Step::ChangeRPMVersion in lib/ShipIt/Step/ChangeRPMVersion.pm
ShipIt::Step::ChangeVersion in lib/ShipIt/Step/ChangeVersion.pm
ShipIt::Step::CheckChangeLog in lib/ShipIt/Step/CheckChangeLog.pm
ShipIt::Step::Commit in lib/ShipIt/Step/Commit.pm
ShipIt::Step::DistTest in lib/ShipIt/Step/DistTest.pm
ShipIt::Step::FindVersion in lib/ShipIt/Step/FindVersion.pm
ShipIt::Step::MakeDist in lib/ShipIt/Step/MakeDist.pm
ShipIt::Step::Tag in lib/ShipIt/Step/Tag.pm
ShipIt::Step::UploadCPAN in lib/ShipIt/Step/UploadCPAN.pm
ShipIt::Util in lib/ShipIt/Util.pm
ShipIt::Util::TempDir in lib/ShipIt/Util.pm
Changes for version 0.55
  • Added a bunch of links to http://contributing.appspot.com/shipit
  • Bunch of patches from the community all over the place... See
    • version control history, linked off the Contributing URL above.
    • (we should phase out this changelog, or make it just be the git log....)

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