Tatsuhiko Miyagawa
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.24

  • Updated document to mention that ID creation is user's responsibility
  • Added $feed->as_xml_utf8 which always returns UTF-8 bytes string, rather than UTF-8 flagged one. This addresses annoying issues with UTF-8 vs. latin-1 (Thanks to Rui Vilela #21191)
  • Better fix for the hateful default: prefix issue in libxml2; now we remove the default\d* prefix on any nodes and set the proper namespace URI.
  • Fix to the test case since 0x242 is now printable character in bleadperl (Thanks to Andreas Koenig and Steve Peters)
  • Skip tests if 'euc-jp' is unknown encoding on your XML library (via CPAN testers)
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