Kwiki::ShortcutLinks - WAFL-phrase shortcuts for arbitrary web links

     $ cpan Kwiki::ShortcutLinks
     $ cd /path/to/kwiki
     $ echo "Kwiki::ShortcutLinks" >> plugins
     $ kwiki -update
     $ vi shortcuts.yaml
     $ kwiki -update

    This plugin allows the Kwiki maintainer to define a series of short-cut
    wafl phrases via a simple config file.

    When the plugin is installed and added to Kwiki via "kwiki -update", a
    default "shortcuts.yaml" file is created. This can be edited and added
    to as necessary. "kwiki -update" must be run again after adding,
    renaming or deleting shortcuts.

    The example entry:


    adds support for the wafl phrase "{google:...}", for example:

      Search Google for: {google:Kwiki}

    will render as:

      Search Google for: <a href="">Kwiki</a>

    If the short-cut definition contains extra words, these will be
    prepended to the rendered link. For example:

      rt:       http://ticket-serv/Ticket/Display.html?id= RT Ticket

    will render "{rt:1234}" as:

      <a href="http://ticket-serv/Ticket/Display.html?id=1234">RT Ticket 1234</a>

    If you follow the shortcut argument by a pipe and some more text, that
    text will be used for the link text, instead of the argument and any
    leader. So, for the above definition of "rt", "{rt:1234|A Hateful
    Problem}" would render as:

      <a href="http://ticket-serv/Ticket/Display.html?id=1234">A Hateful Problem</a>

    The shortcut can contain the string %s, which will be replaced by the
    wafl phrase arguments. (If there is no %s, the arguments are appended to
    the shortcut expansion, as in the examples above.) So the config entry:


    and the shortcut "{wikipedia:Cambridge}" will render as

      <a href="">Cambridge</a>

    Michael Gray <>

    Thanks to Alexander Goller for the %s suggestion, "extra_shortcuts.yaml"
    and his general support. Thanks to Ricardo Signes for the pipe patch to
    allow link text to be overridden.


    Copyright (C) 2004 by Michael Gray

    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.