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Mark Gardner
dbcritic - Critique a database schema for best practices
App::DBCritic - Critique a database schema for best practices
App::DBCritic::Loader - Loader class for schemas generated from a database connection
App::DBCritic::Policy - Role for criticizing database schemas
App::DBCritic::Policy::BidirectionalRelationship - Check for missing bidirectional relationships in ResultSources
App::DBCritic::Policy::DuplicateRelationships - Check for ResultSources with unnecessary duplicate relationships
App::DBCritic::Policy::NoPrimaryKey - Check for DBIx::Class::Schema::ResultSources without primary keys
App::DBCritic::Policy::NullableTextColumn - Check for ResultSources with nullable text columns
App::DBCritic::PolicyType - Role for types of database criticism policies
App::DBCritic::PolicyType::ResultSet - Role for ResultSet critic policies
App::DBCritic::PolicyType::ResultSource - Role for ResultSource critic policies
App::DBCritic::PolicyType::Schema - Role for Schema critic policies
App::DBCritic::Violation - A violation of a App::DBCritic::Policy
Changes for version 0.020
    • rename to App-DBCritic

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