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X11::GUITest::record - Perl implementation of the X11 record extension.




This Perl package uses the X11 record extension to capture events (from X-server) and requests (from X-client). Futher it is possible to capture mostly all client/server communitation (partially implemented)

For a full description of the extension see the Record Extension Protocol Specification of the X Consortium Standard (Version 11, Release 6.4)


 - Recording mouse movements
 - Recording key presses and key releases
 - Getting information about created and closed windows
 - Getting text from windows (if it is a Poly8 request)


  use X11::GUITest::record qw /:ALL :CONST/;
  # Query version of the record extension
  my $VERSION_EXT = QueryVersion;
  print "Record extension version: $VERSION_EXT\n";
  # Sets the record context to capture key presses and mouse movements
  SetRecordContext(KeyPress, MotionNotify);

  # Begin record

  print "Recording..............\n";
  sleep (5);

  # Stop record

  while ($data = GetRecordInfo())
     print "Record: ". $data ->{TxtType} ." ";
     print "X:". $data ->{X} . " Y:". $data ->{Y} 
                if  ($data ->{TxtType} eq "MotionNotify");

     print "Key:". $data ->{Key} 
                if  ($data ->{TxtType} eq "KeyPress");
     print "\n";



To use this module please activate the record extension in the config of the X-Server:

  - under selection "Module"
       Load         "record"

Please make sure that the display variable is set.


Parameters enclosed within [] are optional.

SetRecordContext category, type, [category, type..]

Specifies what the context has to record. It is possible to use the constant functions as:

SetRecordContext(KeyPress, KeyRelease, MotionNotify);

It is only possible to use DeliverdEvents and CoreRequests. To use other please choose one of the low level functions like SetDeviceEvents.

Some implemented events/requests are:

    - KeyPress 
    - KeyRelease
    - ButtonPress
    - ButtonRelease
    - MotionNotify
    - X_CreateWindow
    - X_DestroyWindow
    - X_PolyText8

To get one single record information from record queue.

This function will return 0 if the end of the queue is reached. Otherwise it will return a hash with the following values:

    - {"Category"}:     Category of the record (0 for event
                                                1 for request)
    - {"Type"}          Type of the record in digits
    - {"TxtType"  }     Type of the record in text
    - {"Time"}          Server timestamp
   [- {"X"}             X coordinte]
   [- {"Y"}             Y coordinte]
   [- {"Text"}          Text if it is a X_Polytext8]
   [- {"Key"}           Key if it is a key press or key release event]
   [- {"WinID"}         WindowID]
   [- {"PWinID"}        Parent WindowID]

Similar to GetRecordInfo but returns an array of hashes with all record information.


Disables the record context.