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Marc Lehmann
AnyEvent - provide framework for multiple event loops
AnyEvent::Handle - non-blocking I/O on filehandles via AnyEvent
AnyEvent::Impl::EV - AnyEvent adaptor for EV
AnyEvent::Impl::Event - AnyEvent adaptor for Event
AnyEvent::Impl::EventLib - AnyEvent adaptor for Event::Lib
AnyEvent::Impl::Glib - AnyEvent adaptor for Glib
AnyEvent::Impl::POE - AnyEvent adaptor for POE
AnyEvent::Impl::Perl - Pure-Perl event loop and AnyEvent adaptor for itself
AnyEvent::Impl::Qt - AnyEvent adaptor for Qt
AnyEvent::Impl::Tk - AnyEvent adaptor for Tk
AnyEvent::Util - various utility functions.
AnyEvent::Base in lib/AnyEvent.pm
AnyEvent::CondVar in lib/AnyEvent.pm
AnyEvent::CondVar::Base in lib/AnyEvent.pm
AnyEvent::Impl::Qt::Io in lib/AnyEvent/Impl/Qt.pm
AnyEvent::Impl::Qt::Timer in lib/AnyEvent/Impl/Qt.pm
Changes for version 3.4
    • complete re-implementation of condvars with a hopefully much mroe useful API (backward compatible functions exist but are undocumented).
    • AnyEvent::Handle fully rewritten with a hopefully more powerful API (still subject to change).
    • take advantage of CLOCK_MONOTONIC, if available, in AnyEvent::Impl::Perl.
    • provide AnyEvent::post_detect and @AnyEvent::post_detect, which allows module authors to avoid forcing event loop detection. (used by Coro::AIO, Coro::BDB, Coro::AnyEvent for example).
    • remove coro backends: Coro now provides generic support for AnyEvent via Coro::AnyEvent.

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