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Marc Lehmann
AnyEvent::Intro - an introductory tutorial to AnyEvent
AE - simpler/faster/newer/cooler AnyEvent API
AnyEvent - the DBI of event loop programming
AnyEvent::DNS - fully asynchronous DNS resolution
AnyEvent::Debug - debugging utilities for AnyEvent
AnyEvent::Handle - non-blocking I/O on file handles via AnyEvent
AnyEvent::Impl::EV - AnyEvent adaptor for EV
AnyEvent::Impl::Event - AnyEvent adaptor for Event
AnyEvent::Impl::EventLib - AnyEvent adaptor for Event::Lib
AnyEvent::Impl::Glib - AnyEvent adaptor for Glib
AnyEvent::Impl::IOAsync - AnyEvent adaptor for IO::Async
AnyEvent::Impl::Irssi - AnyEvent adaptor for Irssi
AnyEvent::Impl::POE - AnyEvent adaptor for POE
AnyEvent::Impl::Perl - Pure-Perl event loop and AnyEvent adaptor for itself
AnyEvent::Impl::Qt - AnyEvent adaptor for Qt
AnyEvent::Impl::Tk - AnyEvent adaptor for Tk
AnyEvent::Socket - useful IPv4 and IPv6 stuff.
AnyEvent::Strict - force strict mode on for the whole process
AnyEvent::TLS - SSLv2/SSLv3/TLSv1 contexts for use in AnyEvent::Handle
AnyEvent::Util - various utility functions.
AE in lib/AnyEvent.pm
AnyEvent::Base in lib/AnyEvent.pm
AnyEvent::CondVar in lib/AnyEvent.pm
AnyEvent::CondVar::Base in lib/AnyEvent.pm
AnyEvent::Debug::shell in lib/AnyEvent/Debug.pm
AnyEvent::Impl::Qt::Io in lib/AnyEvent/Impl/Qt.pm
AnyEvent::Impl::Qt::Timer in lib/AnyEvent/Impl/Qt.pm
Changes for version 5.0
    • officially introduce and document the AE API.
    • lowering the timeout at runtime did not have immediate effect in AnyEvent::Handle.
    • AE::Handle now has separate and independent read and write timeout settings.
    • probe for Guard module when AnyEvent::Util is loaded, not at runtime (Event doesn't like eval "use" from callbacks, and it avoids exporting the probe function).
    • Impl::IOAsync's io watchers did not use the filehandle emulation code to work around it's watcher limits.
    • work around IO::Async's problems with overloaded objects.
    • try to disable wearnings inside IO::Async, it's just too buggy.
    • do no longer use Event by default, only EV or Perl, Event is too buggy.
    • hackishly provide fast AE:: interface when EV or Perl is the backend.
    • inherit VERSION from AnyEvent::VERSION in most modules.

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