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Author image Marc A. Lehmann

Changes for version 1.5

  • Math::BigFloat madness workaround, see http://blog.schmorp.de/2016-04-23-mathbigfloat-maintainer-fail.html (bugreport by zdm@softvisio.net).
  • add text_keys and text_strings options to force CBOR text encoding for perl hash keys or all strings, as a result of discussions with Fredrik Ljunggren.
  • implement support for arbitrary-exponent numbers (see http://peteroupc.github.io/CBOR/bigfrac.html, tags 264 and 265) for both en- and decoding.
  • implement support for rational numbers (see http://peteroupc.github.io/CBOR/rational.html, tag 30) for both en- and decoding.
  • the above effectively implements all registered CBOR extensions in a sensible manner.
  • remove some weird dead code that was duplicated (%FILTER).
  • add t/58_hv.t, which tests hashes and the new text_* flags. hashes apparently were not encoded at all in any of the existing tests.
  • document Math::BigFloat base-2 performance/crash issues.
  • use stability canary.


Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR, RFC7049)