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Marc A. Lehmann

Changes for version 1.049

  • updated configure to require 1.0.2
  • added some more scripts to the dist
  • brushes are no longer shown inverted
  • help button && logo for Gimp::Fu. the first doesn't work properly and the second is ugly. feel free to send me a better version.
  • constants are no longer autoloaded (yeah!)
  • bug in Gimp::Net::set_connection fixed as suggested by <alex@mediaconsult.com>
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  • Gimp - Perl extension for writing Gimp Extensions/Plug-ins/Load & Save-Handlers
  • Gimp::Data - Set and get state data.
  • Gimp::Fu - "easy to use" framework for Gimp scripts
  • Gimp::Lib - Interface to libgimp (as opposed to Gimp::Net)
  • Gimp::Net - Communication module for the gimp-perl server.
  • Gimp::PDL - Overwrite Tile/Region functions to work with piddles.
  • Gimp::UI - "simulation of libgimpui"