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Marc A. Lehmann

Changes for version 1.083

  • took a modified enums.pl to autogenerate constants. Some constants have changed: RED, GREEN etc.. => RED_LUT, GREEN_LUT the shear constants got a _SHEAR suffix. the flip constants got a _FLIP suffix. SHARPEN/BLUR => SHARPEN_CONVOLVE/...
  • got rid of _gimp_prefix and _gimp_path functions.
  • removed debugging trace from Gimp::Compat. Ugh.
  • improved documentation for Gimp::Config.
  • reenabled all of t/run.t again, fixed to to actually _work_.
  • rearranged gimp link flags into LDDLFLAGS (hack! bug in gtk/gimp!).
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  • Gimp - Perl extension for writing Gimp Extensions/Plug-ins/Load & Save-Handlers
  • Gimp::Compat - compatibility functions for older versions of Gimp.
  • Gimp::Data - Set and get state data.
  • Gimp::Feature - check for specific features to be present before registering the script.
  • Gimp::Fu - "easy to use" framework for Gimp scripts
  • Gimp::Lib - Interface to libgimp (as opposed to Gimp::Net)
  • Gimp::Module - run scripts embedded into the Gimp program.
  • Gimp::Net - Communication module for the gimp-perl server.
  • Gimp::PDL - Overwrite Tile/Region functions to work with piddles.
  • Gimp::Pod - Evaluate pod documentation embedded in scripts.
  • Gimp::UI - "simulation of libgimpui", and more!
  • Gimp::Util - some handy routines for Gimp-Perl users