RCU::Event - Event-based RCU operation


   use RCU::Event;

   $rcu = connect RCU::Event "interfac-spec", [initial-context]


This module provides a superset of the standard RCU interface by adding an event-based interface. Basically, you create one or more contexts (See RCU::Context) and bind it to a RCU::Event object. All key events will then be directed to the current context.

$ctx = connect RCU::Event "interface-desc";

Create a new RCU interface. The functionality is the same as RCU, with the functions added below.


Act as if key key was pressed (key starts with "=") or released (when key starts with ~). This is rarely used but is useful to "simulate" key presses.


Leave the current context (if any) and enter the new_context, to which all new events are directed to.


Enter the given new_context without leaving the current one.


Leave the current context and restore the previous context that was saved in push_context.




This perl extension was written by Marc Lehmann <>.