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Vyacheslav Matyukhin
Ubic::Manual::FAQ - frequently asked questions about Ubic
Ubic::Manual::Intro - Initial introduction
Ubic::Manual::Multiservices - Multiservices - dynamic generation of service tree
Ubic::Manual::Overview - General ubic concepts and architecture
ubic - command-line frontend to ubic services
ubic_admin - ubic administration script
ubic_daemon - daemonize any binary
ubic_periodic - run given command every N seconds
ubic_update - update ubic metadata
ubic_watchdog - watchdog which checks all ubic services.
Ubic - flexible perl-based service manager
Ubic::AccessGuard - class which guards simple service operations
Ubic::Admin::Setup - this module handles ubic setup: asks user some questions and configures your system
Ubic::AtomicFile - atomic file operations
Ubic::Cmd - ubic methods with pretty printing.
Ubic::Cmd::Results - console results set
Ubic::Credentials - base class for OS-specific credential methods
Ubic::Credentials::OS::MacOSX - MacOSX-specific credentials implementation
Ubic::Credentials::OS::POSIX - POSIX-specific credentials implementation
Ubic::Credentials::OS::Windows - dummy credentials module
Ubic::Daemon - toolkit for creating daemonized process
Ubic::Daemon::OS - base class for os-specific daemon methods
Ubic::Daemon::OS::Linux - linux-specific daemonize helpers
Ubic::Daemon::OS::POSIX - POSIX-compatible daemonize helpers
Ubic::Daemon::PidState - internal object representing process info stored on disk
Ubic::Daemon::Status - daemon status structure
Ubic::Lockf - file locker with an automatic out-of-scope unlocking mechanism
Ubic::Lockf::Alarm - alarm guard
Ubic::Logger - very simple logging functions
Ubic::Multiservice - interface of multiservice representing several named services
Ubic::Multiservice::Dir - multiservice which uses directory with configs to instantiate services
Ubic::Multiservice::Simple - simplest multiservice, configured in constructor
Ubic::Persistent - simple hash-to-file persistence object
Ubic::Ping - http server which returns service status by it's name or port
Ubic::Ping::Service - ubic.ping service
Ubic::PortMap - update and read mapping of ports to service names.
Ubic::Result - common return value for many ubic interfaces
Ubic::Result::Class - ubic result object
Ubic::Run - really simple way to write init scripts
Ubic::Service - interface and base class for any ubic service
Ubic::Service::Common - common way to construct new service by specifying several callbacks
Ubic::Service::SimpleDaemon - declarative service for daemonizing any binary
Ubic::Service::Skeleton - skeleton of any service with common start/stop logic
Ubic::Service::Utils - helpers for custom service authors
Ubic::Settings - ubic settings
Ubic::Settings::ConfigFile - single ubic config file
Ubic::SingletonLock - lock which can be safely created several times from the same process without deadlocking
Ubic::Watchdog - watchdog code
root_t::Daemon in root_t/Daemon.pm
Changes for version 1.31
  • fix ubic-admin setup - forgot to import IO::Handle
    • (https://github.com/berekuk/Ubic/issues/13)

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