Revision history for Patro

0.16	2017-09-28
	- Address insecure string eval in overload handler
	- Support synchronization of remote objects through
	  proxies in threaded servers

0.15	2017-09-17
	- Support proxies to objects that overload dereference operators

0.14	2017-09-12
	- Support for proxies to dirhandles through the functions
	  that take dirhandles.

0.13	2017-09-11
        - Support for proxies to REF type objects and references
	- Support filehandle functions like truncate, flock, etc.
	  on proxy filehandles
	- Better support for side-effects of proxy function calls
        - removed Patro/CODE/

0.12	2017-09-08
	- Support for most common ops with proxy filehandles
	- Some support for side-effects of proxy function/method calls
	  (updates to @_,$!,$?)
	- Secure mode (on by default, use :insecure tag to disable)
	  that prevents server from running some insecure operations
	  in a proxy request

0.11	2017-08-27
	- Use Storable + MIME::Base64 for serialization instead of Data::Dumper
	- Include fixes and workarounds for thread-shared code references
	  with perls older than v5.17
	- Improved methods of making server config available to clients

0.10	2017-08-23
	Initial release.