I have released version 0.02 of Net::Traceroute6 to CPAN and my home
page.  My home page is currently http://www.dante.org.uk/~janos/ .  
I hope you find the module useful.

This traceroute6 module works by parsing your vendor's traceroute or 
traceroute6 command.  
On some system is known to work:
*BSD (FreeBSD 4.0 or later, NetBSD 1.5 or later. OpenBSD 2.8 and later) 
	+ any KAME patched BSD
Solaris 8 or later

Patches to support your favorite OS are welcome.

Janos Mohacsi

	   use Net::Traceroute6;
	   $tr = Net::Traceroute6->new(host=> "www.kame.net", debug => 1);
	   if($tr->found) {
	       my $hops = $tr->hops;
	       print "Number of hops:" . $hops . "\n";
	       for (my $i=1; $i<=$hops ;$i++) {
		for (my $ii=1; $ii<4; $ii++) {
		  if ( $tr->hop_query_stat($i, $ii)==TRACEROUTE_OK ){
		   print "Router was" . $tr->hop_query_host( $i, $ii) . " \n";