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Changes for version v0.704.1.0

  • Bug fixes
    • PERL-336 fixed unknown command exception with index creation on 2.2 and older servers; we now correctly fall back to legacy index creation
    • PERL-349 fixed request ID misordering when reconnecting to a server; this fixes the known issue regarding test failures with threads under find_master
    • PERL-368 changed all query docs to be coerced to Tie::IxHash; this ensures that command queries are properly ordered and fixes a crashing bug when using command helpers in concert with read preference
    • PERL-369 fixed segfaults deserializing 64-bit integers from BSON on pure 32-bit perls
    • PERL-370 fixed bulk update results for upserts with non OID _id on servers prior to 2.6
    • Fixed stale detection of write command support for bulk operations
    • Fixed wire version checks and max BSON size inspection for replica sets with multiple hosts in the connection URI
  • Documentation
    • PERL-366 documented bulk write initializers in Collection docs
    • Updated Example.pod docs for field projection (Johann Rolschewski)
  • Testing
    • PERL-348 tests report MongoDB version in test diagnostics
    • PERL-351 fixed test failures if the local database has auth enabled; tests will skip instead of fail
    • PERL-356 enabled additional tests if the test database is a replica set or sharded cluster
    • Added test for field projection (Johann Rolschewski)
    • Fixed various tests to run against a sharded cluster
    • Moved unused orchestration tests out of the main test suite
  • ~ Internal changes ~
    • PERL-357 added developer tools for testing different cluster configuration
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