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Revision history for Perl module Algorithm::BinarySearch::Vec

v0.08 Thu, 01 Sep 2016 12:09:31 +0200 moocow
	* ensure $Config{use64bitint} before setting HAVE_QUAD
	  - should fix weird errors on e.g. 32-bit freebsd without perl -use64bitint compile-time option
	  - compare cpantesters results
	    ~ WITH    -use64bitint:
	    ~ WITHOUT -use64bitint:

v0.07 Mon, 18 Apr 2016 16:42:44 +0200 moocow
	* added support for nbits==64; indices are still always 32-bit
	  - for batch vector-wise search variants we'll need xs sub variants to ensure compatibility
	* added set operations vunion(), vintersect(), vsetdiff()
	  - intersect & setdiff optimized for merging a small set $a with a large one $b, independent of argument order: O($Na * log $Nb)
	* re-worked tests to use Test::More

v0.06 2015-04-08 moocow (no cpan release)
	* fixed unrespected strict imin checking in absv_bsearch_lb()

v0.05 2012-10-31  moocow
	* added Changes (fixes RT #80502)
	* tweaked 'use vars' line in t/01_ini.t (perl 5.6.2 choked)
	  - see

v0.04 2012-10-17  moocow
	* fixed vXbsearch_lb() for ilo==imin with v[ilo]<key
	* added test for ilo==imin with v[ilo]<key
	* updated docs

v0.03 2012-10-10  moocow
	* fixed consistency errors
	* updated docs

v0.02 2012-10-09  moocow
	* added vv* functions (vec-wise search, returns 32-bit index-vec)
	* renamed to top-level Algorithm::BinarySearch::Vec
	* cleaned up for cpan release
	* added README, docs
	* got tests working

v0.01 2012-10-08 moocow
	* fast binary search on perl vec() vectors
	* original version as Algorithm::BinarySearch::Vec::XS