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Lepenkov Sergey
MPMinus::Manual - What is MPMinus, and how do I use it?
mpm - MPMinus helper
MPMinus - mod_perl2 Web Application Framework
MPMinus::BaseHandlers - Base handlers of MPMinus
MPMinus::Configuration - Configuration of MPMinus
MPMinus::Debug::Info - mpminfo methods
MPMinus::Debug::System - Debug functions
MPMinus::Dispatcher - URL Dispatching
MPMinus::Helper::Handlers - MPMinus helper's handlers
MPMinus::Helper::Skel - MPMinus project skeleton
MPMinus::Helper::Util - MPMinus Helper's utility
MPMinus::MainTools - The main function without the support of the configuration
MPMinus::MainTools::MD5 - MD5 functions
MPMinus::MainTools::TCD04 - TCD04 functions
MPMinus::Store::DBI - Database independent interface for MPMinus on CTK::DBI based
MPMinus::Transaction - MVC SKEL transaction
MPMinus::Util - Utility functions
Changes for version 1.18
  • Documentation modified
  • Fixed without* bug
  • MPMinus::Transaction: Introduced the concept of hooks and
    • fixed artifact #301

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