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Changes for version 5.80005

  • Behaviour changes:
    • Arguments ($c->req->args) in Chained dispatch are now automatically URL decoded to be consistent with Local/Path dispatch (Caelum)
  • Documentation:
    • Clarify correct techniques for Moose controllers (domm)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Further change pushing 'env' attribute down into Catalyst::Engine to make $c->engine->env work in all cases (kmx)
    • Also fix $c->engine->env in Catalyst::Test tests (kmx)
      • Tests for this (t0m)
    • Fix Catalyst failing to start if any plugin changed $_ whilst loading (t0m)
      • Tests for this
    • Be stricter about arguments to Args attributes for Chained actions, so that they blow up on load instead of causing undefined behavior later on (hdp)
      • Tests for this
    • Prefer Path actions with a smaller (or set) number of Args (caelum) Bug reported here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/931653/catalyst-action-that-matches-a-single-file-in-the-root-directory/933181#933181
      • Tests for this
    • New features:
      • Add $c->req->remote_user to disambiguate from $c->req->user (dwc)
      • Require MooseX::MethodAttributes 0.12 so that action methods (with attributes) can be used in / composed from Moose roles.
      • Allow the generation of cookies with the HTTPOnly flag set in Catalyst::Engine (kmx)
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