Changes of Laola distribution:

OLE-Storage-0.386 (28.4.98)
   +  Little improvements and fixes at lhalw and Herbert

OLE-Storage-0.385 (24.3.98)
   +  Herbert supports now Excel 2 to Excel 97 formats,
      combined cells are recognized and converted.

OLE-Storage-0.384 ()
   +  new method at OLE::Storage: clsid
   +  Improved Herbert's color support.

OLE-Storage-0.383 (3.3.98)
   +  Herbert is new. It converts Excel-Spreadsheets to some kind of HTML. 

OLE-Storage-0.382 (12.2.98)
   *  ldat, lhalw and lls got long options and use 
   *  Real unicode support for

   +  support of big files (> about 6.9 MB)
   .  trash detection fix, sigh

   !  Changed name and distribution structure to fit into CPAN

   .  trash detection fix, sigh

   +  This "changes" file
   !  Improved trash detection -> Incompatibilities with "lclean" hidden files.