0.112 (2002-Mar-20)
   *  Added: support for EUC-KR
   *  Minor update on EUC-JP entry (0x7e --> 0x007e)

0.111 (2001-Jan-05)
   *  Added: support for EUC-JP
   *  Added: a new transcoding test (EUC-JP ->unicode)

0.110 (2000-Aug-21)
   *  Little fixes.
   *  Map.pm changed $/ (record separator) permanently. Anyway this could
      happen only when creating own mapping files, so few people complained ;)
   *  reverse_unicode (deprecated) was malfunctional on some systems. It's
      fixed behaviour is: in a void context the string passed is altered,
      otherwise a new string is created on the fly. Uses code from Gisle Aas'

0.109 (29.6.2000)
   *  Forgot adding APPLE-GUJARATI and APPLE-GURMUKHI in last release.

0.108 (25.6.2000)
   +  Optional warnings for deprecated usage
   +  Optional warnings for usage incompatible with Unicode::Map8
   *  Added basic support for n -> m mappings (like in APPLE-DEVANAGA).
   *  Fixed some structural problems about the file REGISTRY.
   *  Added an entry "srcURL" to REGISTRY. The URL given here points
      to the original text based map file.
   +  Utility "mirrorMappings" uses the srcURL entries of file REGISTRY
      to create a local copy of the original text mappings. The utility
      uses LWP::Simple (from distribution libwww-perl).

0.107 (20.6.2000) [non public prerelease]
   *  Fixed annoying "use of uninitialized value" warnings.

0.106 (19.6.2000) [non public prerelease]
   *  Added: support for GB2312, a mixed one byte, two byte encoding
      of GB2312-80 and 8859-1.
   *  Updated and added some map files (described in next public release)
   *  Fixed: compatibility: some machines couldn't read binary mappings.
      Thanks to Masahito Kagawa <mkagawa@eGain.com>!
   ?  Fixed? Some systems didn't understand "dowarn" and failed compiling.
   -  Deprecating various stuff, particularly the use of module Startup.

0.105 (18.2.98)
   *  Fixed: works now also on machines that demand to have 16bit and 
      32bit integers on even addresses. 

0.104 (12.2.98)
   *  Partial mappings are now allowed.
   *  Utility "map" got long options.
   *  Support for Gisle's binary map file format.
   *  Added some asian map files.
   *  Support for three / multi column text mappings.

0.103 (2.2.98)
   *  Sped up loading of the big eastern asia mapfiles.
   *  Changed structure of mapfiles a bit.

0.102 (26.01.98)
   *  Small fixes.

0.101 (24.01.98)
   *  A very coincidence: Gisle Aas did quite the same job. We're trying to 
      coordinate the work. Find his module at CPAN in .../by-authors/Gisle_Aas/
   *  Sped up via C extension:
      methods reverse_unicode, from_unicode and to_unicode

0.100 (20.01.98)
   *  Initial release