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Michael G Schwern

Changes for version 0.48_02

  • Overloaded objects as names now won't blow up under threads
    • rt.cpan.org 4218 and 4232
  • Overloaded objects which stringify to undef used as test names now won't cause internal uninit warnings. [rt.cpan.org 4232]
  • Failure diagnostics now come out on their own line when run in Test::Harness.
  • eq_set() sometimes wasn't giving the right results if nested refs were involved [rt.cpan.org 3747]
  • isnt() giving wrong diagnostics and warning if given any undefs.
  • Give unlike() the right prototype [rt.cpan.org 4944]
  • Change from CVS to Aegis
  • is_deeply() will now do some basic argument checks to guard against accidentally passing in a whole array instead of its reference.
  • Mentioning Test::Differences, Test::Deep and Bundle::Test.
  • Removed dependency on File::Spec.
  • Fixing the grammar of diagnostic outputs when only a single test is run or failed (ie. "Looks like you failed 1 tests").
    • Darren Chamberlain
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