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Michael G Schwern

Changes for version 0.81_01

  • New Features
  • Adam Kennedy bribed me to add new_ok(). The price was one DEFCON license key.
    • rt.cpan.org 8891
  • TODO tests can now start and end with 'todo_start' and 'todo_end' Test::Builder methods. [rt.cpan.org 38018]
  • Added Test::Builder->in_todo() for a safe way to check if a test is inside a TODO block. This allows TODO tests with no reason.
  • Added note() and explain() to both Test::More and Test::Builder. [rt.cpan.org 14764] [test-more.googlecode.com 3]
  • Features Changed
  • Changed the message for extra tests run to show the number of tests run rather than the number extra to avoid the user having to do mental math.
    • rt.cpan.org 7022
  • Bug fixes
  • using a relative path to perl broke tests [rt.cpan.org 34050]
  • use_ok() broke $SIG{__DIE__} in the used module [rt.cpan.org 34065]
  • diagnostics for isnt() were confusing on failure [rt.cpan.org 33642]
  • warnings when MakeMaker's version contained _ [rt.cpan.org 33626]
  • add explicit test that non-integer plans die correctly [rt.cpan.org 28836] (Thanks to Hans Dieter Pearcey [confound] for fixing the above)
  • die if no_plan is given an argument [rt.cpan.org 27429]
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