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Changes for version 0.98_05

  • Doc Changes
  • Add a shorter work around for the UTF-8 output problem. (Michael G Schwern)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Test::Builder::Tester now works with subtests. (Michael G Schwern) [github 350]
  • Fix test_fail() inside a do statement. (nnutter) [github #369]
  • New Features
  • A subtest will put its name at the front of its results to make subtests easier to read. [github #290] [github #364] (Brendan Byrd)
  • Feature Changes
  • like() and unlike() no longer warn about undef. [github #335] (Michael G Schwern)

Changes for version 0.98_04

  • Distribution Changes
  • Scalar::Util 1.13 (ships with Perl 5.8.1) is now required. (Michael G Schwern)
  • Feature Changes
  • The default name and diagnostics for isa_ok() and new_ok() have changed. (Michael G Schwern)
  • Docs Fixes
  • Added a COMPATIBILITY section so users know what major features were added with what version of Test::More or perl. [github 343] [github 344] (pdl)
  • Fix the ok() example with grep(). (derek.mead@gmail.com)
  • Bug Fixes
  • A test with no plan and missing done_testing() now exits with non-zero. [github #341] (tokuhirom)
  • isa_ok() tests were broken in 5.17 because of a change in method resolution. [github #353] (Michael G Schwern)

Changes for version 0.98_03

  • New Features
  • cmp_ok() will error when used with something which is not a comparison operator, including =, += and the like. [github 141] (Matthew Horsfall)
  • Bug Fixes
  • use_ok() was calling class->import without quoting which could cause problems if "class" is also a function.
  • Doc Fixes
  • use_ok() has been discouraged and de-emphasized as a general replacement for `use` in tests. [github #288]
  • $thing is now $this in the docs to avoid confusing users of other languages. [Karen Etheridge]
  • Incompatible Changes With Previous Alphas (0.98_01)
  • use_ok() will no longer apply lexical pragams. The incompatibilities and extra complexity is not worth the marginal use.

Changes for version 0.98_02

  • Bug Fixes
  • use_ok() in 0.98_01 was leaking pragmas from inside Test::More. This looked like Test::More was forcing strict. [rt.cpan.org 67538] (Father Chrysostomos)

Changes for version 0.98_01

  • Bug Fixes
  • BAIL_OUT works inside a subtest. (Larry Leszczynski) [github #138]
  • subtests now work with threads turned on. [github #145]
  • Feature Changes
  • use_ok() will now apply lexical effects. [rt.cpan.org 67538] (Father Chrysostomos)
  • Misc
  • Test::More, Test::Simple and Test::Builder::Module now require a minimum version of Test::Builder. This avoids Test::More and Test::Builder from getting out of sync. [github #89]


A tutorial about writing really basic tests


Backend for building test libraries
A copy of IO::Scalar for Test::Builder
Base class for test modules
test testsuites that have been built with Test::Builder
turn on colour in Test::Builder::Tester
yet another framework for writing test scripts
Basic utilities for writing tests.


in lib/Test/Builder/Tester.pm