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Michael G Schwern

Changes for version 1.005000_006

  • New Features
  • Memory usage will not grow as more tests are run.
  • Added TB2::History->last_result and last_event to retrieve the last result and event seen.
  • Clarify who to contact when getting a WHOA! [github 324] (Noirin Plunkett)
  • TB2::Formatter::SimpleHTML now shows the file and line. (Michael G Schwern)
  • Add TB2::History->literal_pass_count and literal_fail_count to record results with literal_pass and literal_fail. (Michael G Schwern)
  • Add TB2::History->last_result and last_event to record the last seen event and result. (Michael G Schwern)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Patched TB2::Mouse to not blow over tied $_ (a local $_ bug). (Father Chrysostomos) [github 293]
  • Test::Builder::Tester will now set a plan in test tests emulating an undocumented 0.x feature that some tests accidentally rely on. [github 327] [github 328]
  • Test::Builder::Tester will now turn off the ending stuff to emulate an undocumented 0.x feature that some tests accidentally rely on. [github #276]
  • Fix TB2::Formatter::PlusMinus and TB2::Formatter::POSIX. They suffered bit rot.
  • Conditionally call special methods on Formatters so things don't blow up on non-TAP formatters. (Michael G Schwern)
  • Fix test_fail called via a do statement. [github #349] (nnutter)
  • Fix TB2_FORMATTER_CLASS with taint mode tests. [github #357] (Michael G Schwern)
  • Doc Fixes
  • Typo and POD formatting fixes. [github #318] [github #320] [github #355] (Ben Bullock, pdl, derek.mead@gmail.com)
  • Add a COMPATIBILITY section to the Test::More docs. [github #344] (pdl, Michael G Schwern)
  • Fix UTF-8 encoding errors in the docs. [github #348] (Michael G Schwern)
  • Misc
  • Update the resources meta data to point at the correct repository, issues mailing list and home page.
  • Test::Builder::Tester is now discouraged. Use Test::Tester or TB2::Tester instead.
  • Incompatible Changes
  • The result of each test is no longer stored by default. This keeps the test framework from consuming more and more memory as tests are run. Test::Builder->details and Test::Builder->summary will throw exceptions by default. For most needs, they are replaced with statistical methods in TB2::History. [github 198]
  • Feature Changes
  • 'use Test::More no_plan => 1' no longer warns. This allows us to simplify the import argument handling, everything is a hash now (or can be converted into one). (Michael G Schwern)
  • Test Fixes
  • Fix tests for Carp 1.25 [github 321] (Michael G Schwern)
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