Matt Sergeant

Changes for version 1.4

  • Config directives no longer implemented by Apache::ExtUtils
  • New TaglibHelper module, makes writing XSP taglibs almost trivial.
  • Build checks for iconv library - should make things smoother on *BSD
  • Known bug in Filter provider is fixed
  • Major memory leak cleanup
  • Added LibXSLT language module (for use with XML::LibXSLT). This is over twice as fast as XML::Sablotron, and more compliant.
  • Added AxAddURIProcessor config directive
  • Added AxLogDeclines config directive (replaces PerlSetVar equivalent)
  • Added import_templates() to XPathScript
  • XSP now uses SAX to generate code
  • allows you to set the outgoing mime type
  • Many fixes to AxKit.xs compiled directives (hopefully making it work for more people now)
  • Removed eval{} stuff around XML parsing in as it seemed to be causing segfaults in Perl 5.6.1
  • Fixes to LibXSLT language module to make it work with new versions of XML::LibXSLT (and the core libxslt library).
  • Cleaned up error handling, and error stylesheets significantly
  • Removed Storable from XPathScript (to get control of the segfaults)
  • Implemented has_changed() for all "cache" bits
  • Improved error handling with an AxStackTrace config directive allowing the Error Stylesheet to get a full stack trace.
  • Doc fixes to stop pod2man complaining.
  • AxKit now adds AxKit/Version to your Server string (for netcraft!)
  • Switched xml_string to pnotes so you can have binary nulls in the output (e.g. for PDFs).
  • Added some configuration tidbits to INSTALL
  • Much better (though not 100% there) test harness code
  • Major fixes to Makefile.PL (to work better on *BSD and Win32)
  • XML::Parser no longer needed if you have libxml2 installed. This will allow AxKit to work with Apaches that have expat enabled!
  • XSP pages can implement a has_changed() function, which allows you to control the caching of the results (can have significant performance increases on dynamic pages)
  • Providers responsible for returning declined (this allows for non-file providers to not end up in a 404 when doing e.g. passthru)
  • Added AxNoCache option to turn off caching on purpose.
  • split AxKit.xs into more managable files
  • Better error messages from CharsetConv (iconv)
  • Added a PDF slideshow builder called AxPoint
  • Sablot fix for changing content-type.
  • Much cleaner handling of character set conversions
  • AxKit::Apache->request() added (similar to Apache->request())
  • Cache maintains content-type more sanely.
  • Many, many minor bug fixes.
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