This module allows you to query the Win32 COM database and return
an XML representation (via SAX) of your object(s) properties and
methods. It is based on some code from Jan Dubois to do something
similar to build a web-based COM database browser.

The only requirement is Win32::OLE (so it only works on Win32),
but you will probably want some way of showing the XML
generated, so XML::Handler::YAWriter would be your best option.

Alternatively you can feed the results directly into XML::LibXML
via the SAX builder. You can get a Win32 build of XML::LibXML
from Randy Kobes' repository:

C:\> ppm
ppm> set repository RK http://theoryx5.uwinnipeg.ca/ppmpackages/
ppm> set save
ppm> install XML::LibXML

This module is released as free software, under the same terms
as Perl itself. It is copyright 2001 MessageLabs Limited, and
with kind thanks to them for allowing me to release it.