HTML::CalendarMonth is a module that simplifies the rendering of a
calendar month in HTML. It is NOT a scheduling system.

Calendars are represented as HTML::Element based structures, derived
from the HTML::ElementTable class.

The module includes support for 'week of the year' numbering, arbitrary
1st day of the week definitions, and locale support.

If you wish to use 'week of the year' numbering, or want to explore
dates beyond the capability of the internal perl time functions, then
you will need Date::Calc, DateTime, or Date::Manip.


You install HTML-Calendar, as you would install any perl module library,
by running these commands:

   perl Makefile.PL
   make test
   make install


See HTML/ for the code. See Changes for recent changes.
POD style documentation is included in the module. This is normally
converted to a manual page and installed as part of the "make install"
process. You should also be able to use the 'perldoc' utility to extract
and read documentation from the module directly.

Some examples can be found here:


There is a mailing list for HTML::Calendar. To subscribe or view past
messages, please visit the following URL:

Questions and comments may also be directed to Matt Sisk


The package is available from CPAN:

The package is also available at the Toadstool:


Thanks to William R. Ward for some conceptual nudging. Thanks to Fabian
Aichele, Jarkko Hietaniemi, Wolfgang J├╝rgensen, and David 'Sniper'
Rigaudiere for some suggestions on global calendar customs. Thanks to
Gael Marziou, Raul Rivero, Ricardo Signes, T. Bugra Uytun, and Philipp
W. for some helpful bug spotting.


Copyright (c) 1999-2015 Matthew P. Sisk. All rights reserved. All wrongs
revenged. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.