Revision history for Perl extension Win32::NetName

0.3  Tue Jul 08 9:56 2003
     Corrected the Exporter syntax that prevented the routines from being 
     exported correctly (thanks to Joel ( for pointing this 
     Require version 0.41 of Win32::API in the makefile to get around problems 
     with Win32::API->Import (thanks again to Joel).
     Updated the readme file with hints on installing Win32::API.

0.2  Fri Jun 27 4:28 2003
     Added module Win32::VolumeInformation
     GetUniversalName will now perform case insensitive path comparisons on
     volumes that are case insensitive.
     GetLocalName with now perform case insensitive UNC path comparisons.

0.11 Wed Jun 11 15:30 2003
     Win32::Lanman is hard to search for on CPAN. A reference to the author 
     and directory is provided (

0.1  Fri Jun 06 11:36 2003
     First release.