= 2011/05/17 0.9

Added an escape regex to honor indents that don't make sense.

Documented the "alltext" method

= 2004/10/25 0.8

Marko Haim <Haim.Marko at comverse.com> reported that access lists
were being reordered.  Very tricky bug, but fixed now.

Jay Austad <austad at signal15.com> reported that get('no cdp enable')
didn't work.  Oops, I forgot to document something: "no" is ignored
as a word when parsing configurations.  It's documented now.

= 2003/12/02 0.7

Charles Arsenault <charlesa at teleglobe.net> requested more flexibility
in banner statements and also support for RANCID's <removed> lines.
He sent a patch.

Andrew Fort <afort at uecomm.com.au> reported a bug where the get() method
did not act as expected.  Subtle.  Fixed.

= 2003/06/10 0.6

"Fix" bug https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=2749 reported
by <gtamboise at houston.sns.slb.com>.  Actually this is a Cisco bug
and Cisco::Reconfig can now work around it.

Fixed a bug in banner handling. 

= 2003/05/28 0.5

Added a regression test for stringconfig().

Fixed a warning when the last config file line was
indented.  (found by Martin Lorensen <martin at lorensen.dk>)

= 2003/05/27 0.4

Oops, forgot to document the new string-based construtor
(from Martin Lorensen <martin at lorensen.dk>)

= 2003/05/26 0.3

Replaced destroy() with Scalar::Util::weaken at the suggestion and
with the much assistance of Martin Lorensen <martin at lorensen.dk>.
Thank you Martin!

->destroy() is now deprecated.

Also Bugfix to get() from Martin Lorensen.

Added a special case for banners to fix a bug pointed out by
Mike Drons <mdrons at ins.com>.

= 2003/01/27 0.2

A small problem with IO::File possibly resolved.

= 2002/12/08 0.1

Initial revision