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Vend::Payment::Nova - Interchange Nova Support




    [charge mode=nova param1=value1 param2=value2]


  LWP::UserAgent and Crypt::SSLeay

Only one of these need be present and working.


The Vend::Payment::Nova module implements the nova() routine for using Nova IC payment services with Interchange. It is compatible on a call level with the other Interchange payment modules -- in theory (and even usually in practice) you could switch from CyberCash to Nova with a few configuration file changes.

To enable this module, place this directive in interchange.cfg:

    Require module Vend::Payment::Nova

This must be in interchange.cfg or a file included from it.

NOTE: Make sure CreditCardAuto is off (default in Interchange demos).

The mode can be named anything, but the gateway parameter must be set to nova. To make it the default payment gateway for all credit card transactions in a specific catalog, you can set in catalog.cfg:

    Variable   MV_PAYMENT_MODE  nova

It uses several of the standard settings from Interchange payment. Any time we speak of a setting, it is obtained either first from the tag/call options, then from an Interchange order Route named for the mode, then finally a default global payment variable, For example, the id parameter would be specified by:

    [charge mode=nova merhcant_id=YourMerchantID]


    Route nova merhcant_id YourMerchantID

or with only Nova as a payment provider

    Variable MV_PAYMENT_ID     YourMerchantID

A fully valid catalog.cfg entry to work with the standard demo would be:

    Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE      nova
    Variable MV_PAYMENT_MERCHANT_ID  YourMerchantID 
    Variable MV_PAYMENT_USER_ID      YourUserID
    Variable MV_PAYMENT_PIN          YourUserPIN 


  • 06-10-2008 - Version 1.01

  • 01-13-2009 - Version 1.02 - Joseph Montanez reports that Nova might (rarely) return 'APPROVAL' instead of 'APPROVED'.

  • 03-17-2011 - Version 1.03 - added 'use strict;' -- an oversight, but didn't require any further changes. :-) - some formatting changes, and made a DEBUG constant - added VERSION to Makefile.PL


The only currently supported transaction type is 'sale'.


Murray Nesbitt (murray AT