1 July 2003

- Fixed yet another division by 0 problem, for two_axes. 
- Added more tests to axestype.t
- Cleaned up other test files.
- Release 1.43

19 June 2003

- Fixed another division by 0 problem, introduced in 1.41
- Added test t/axestype.pm, which now tests for division by 0 error.
- Released 1.42

17 June 2003

- Removed file BUGS from distribution. Too much work to keep up to
  date. Use rt.cpan.org, or email.
- Fixed skip() calls in tests to work with ancient versions of
- Made GD::Graph::Data::read() work with file handles under Perl
- Released 1.41

16 June 2003

- Fixed when zero axis inclusion is done for bar and are charts.
- Fixed code to reserve area for hbar charts last y axis label

11 June 2003

- Added no_axes option, changed sample56 to reflect this

30 May 2003

- Added version number for GD::Text PREREQ_PM
- Allow GD::Graph::Data::read() to read from file handle, instead of
- Added tests for data file reading, and test data
- Release version 1.40

24 Feb 2003

- How come I never noticed this before? Right axis was disappearing
  when r_margin was zero.

22 Feb 2003

- Added patch by Ben Tilly from RT ticket 203 (manually, and much too
  late) to fix problems with picking decent values for axes when
  two_axes set to true. Added sample 57

20 Feb 2003

- Removed cetus font, because of unknown copyright status.
- Release 1.39 (skip 1.38, internal release)

11 Feb 2003, continued after 1.37 release

- Fixed version numbering
- Added limited, preliminary get_feature_coordinates support.

11 Feb 2003

- Fixed =head1 in GD/Graph/FAQ.pod
- release 1.37

10 Feb 2003

- Added some tests, mainly to make the CPAN testers happy :) The best
  way to test is still to use the samples.

- Preparation for 1.36

Jan 2003

- Made detection of output formats more robust. Newer GDs break on
  simply testing with UNIVERSAL::can.
- Added some documentation on error handling.

12 Jun 2002 - 21 Jun 2002

- Fixed various bugs: 
  - Area charts don't allow undefined variables, die on hotspot code
  - allow "0.00" to be equal to 0 when determining min and max values
    for axes
  - fixed shadows for cumulative bars

- Preparation for release 1.35

9 Jun 2002

- I just realised this file is severely out of date. I'll only keep
  track of the really big changes here, since I really can't remember
  what I've fixed and changed sine 1.33, and it's really too much work
  to go through all CVS comments.
- Added hbars.pm, and put most of the framework in place to allow the
  other charts to be plotted rotated as well.
- preparation of release 1.34

7 Oct 2000

- Addition of undefined data set colour.
- Addition of bar_width option
- Preparation of release 1.33

May - Sep 2000

- Various small bug fixes

7 May 2000

- Finalised code for value display
- prepared for release of 1.32

6 May 2000

- Added FAQ to distribution
- Fixed bug with calculation of bottom of plotting area (causing axis
  tick values to be cut off, when no label present)
- Some 5.004 code retrogression

30 Apr 2000

- Fixed problems with overzealousness of correct_width attribute for
  mixed charts (report Jimmy Sieben)
- Fixed problem with zero_axis and zero_axis_only drawing when y values
  are all on one side of 0 (report Matthew Darwin)
- Fixed GD::Graph::Data::get_min_max_y and ppoints charts with numerical
  X axes (thanks Peter)
- Fixed problem when data sets contain only zeroes (report Joe Pepin)
- Added experimental support for hotspots

15 Apr 2000

- Added some code (thanks Gary) to deal better with 'numerical' X axes.
- Prepared version 1.30 for release, mainly to make sure that patches
  that come in are done against the new code base

27 Feb 2000

- Added cumulate attribute, needs more code changes to fully replace
  'overwrite == 2'. For now, it will work.

20 Feb 2000

- Added correct_width option
- Fixed bug in pie. If one of the slices ended up at exactly 90 degrees,
  or very close to it, The fill would cause GD to core dump. Ugly.
  Introduced half a degree of relaxation there.
  There still are troubles with this. I really need to think of another
  way to do this.

15 - 17 Feb 2000

- Added Error class, removed error checking code from Data
- Added $VERSION to each module
- Fixed bug in can_do_ttf. Can now _really_ be called as static or
  class method.

14 Feb 2000

- Fixed bug in bar width. Removed some roundings, and always add 1
  to left boundary. Also, adapt r_margin on the fly to make sure bars
  are always exactly the same width. This changes the look of graphs
  slightly, but it looks so much better in general.
- Fixed bug in drawing of vertical x labels with x_tick_number enabled
- Cleaned up code in setup_coords in axestype.pm a bit

12 Feb 2000

- Removed ReadFile sub from GD::Graph.pm. I never got around to making
  it part of the interface anyway. replaced by GD::Graph::Data.
- Rewrote lots, and lots of code. General cleanup. Removal of direct
  work with data array. Now only works with interface of GD::Graph::Data
  object (hopefully)

09 Feb 2000

- Added GD::Graph::Data to distribution

27 Jan 2000

- Added patch from Hildebrand, which allows non-drawing of accents on
  bars with accent_treshold option
- Fixed rounding problems with overwrite == 2, alert from Hildebrand,
  also a patch supplied which couldn't be used because of other code
  changes related to sample17
- Added sample18, supplied by Hildebrand as illustration of rounding
- Fixed off-by one error in pick_data_color whenever color pick is based
  on point instead of data set (cycle_clrs and pie)
- Added accent_treshold option to area charts

09 Jan 2000

- Rewrote some documentation to reflect new GD::Text behaviour.

08 Jan 2000

- Rewrote set method to only accept documented attributes.
- Made sure all documented attributes are part of the %Defaults hashes.
- Changed inheritance slightly, because changing the set method and
  using access to file scoped variables didn't work very well with
  multiple inheritance in mixed and linespoints. All file scoped
  material now is kept in the common ancestor of these, i.e. axestype.

06 Jan 2000

- Added shadow patch from Jeremy Wadsack, changed a few things: Allow
  negative shadows, move his code out a bit more.
- Added color cycling patch from Jeremy. Adapted it to new code, and
  added code to also allow cycling of colour of bar borders.
- Documentation.

05 Jan 2000

- removed all references to perl version from any code. Leaving it up to
  users to find out for themselves. They'll just need to read the
- Applied patch from Jeremy Wadsack fixing text sticking out of pie
  slices causing fills to fail.
- cleanup of code in pie.pm: draw_data, filling front of pie, and

03 Jan 2000

- Fixed two_axes and negative values
- released 1.22

Dec 1999, mgjv

- Development and support back to me, mgjv. GIFgraph and Chart::PNGgraph
  (hopefully) will both become wrappers around this new set of modules.

- Renamed to GD::Graph
- Removed direct font handling stuff, and moved font handling to
  GD::Text::Align objects
- Removed methods for writing to files directly. it is now up to the
  user of the module to save the image to a file. GIFgraph and
  Chart::PNGgraph will still do this
- plot method now returns a reference to a gd object, no longer the
  image data. GIFgraph and Chart::PNGgraph still exhibit old beahviour.
- Added some new options, and split up some others. 
- Added new methods, mainly to detect the useability level of the
  current GD.
- Changed any die and warn statements to croak and carp

Thu October 21 1999 by sbonds@agora.rdrop.com
- Chart::PNGgraph version 1.13
- Added primitive support for TrueType fonts
- Fixed bug where 3d charts with very large slices would not have both
  parts of the front filled properly.

Thu October 7 1999  by sbonds@agora.rdrop.com
- Chart::PNGgraph version 1.12
- Changed namespace to Chart:PNGgraph so that CPAN will index it properly
- Added "base" tests-- still very incomplete
- Changed sample 5-2 to have multiple lines since this is what the html
  file described it as having.
- Checks the read-only attributes 'pngx' and 'pngy' so these will not get
  accidently set.  $g->set() returns undef if they are present, but the
  rest of the attributes will be set.

Tue August 31 1999  by sbonds@agora.rdrop.com
- Please contact me rather than the original author for problems unless
  you are convinced that the problems are not a result of the port to PNG
- Converted GIFgraph-1.10 to PNGgraph-1.10 so it works properly with GD-1.20
- UNISYS has been increasingly defensive of the LZW patent used in GIF
  compression, which necessitates these kinds of fixes.  

Tue August 25 1998

- Fixed bug with undef values for first value in lines graphs
- Changed one or two samples, and samples Makefile dependencies

Tue August 25 1998

- Added bar_spacing option.
- Fixed a slight drawing 'bug' while doing that.
- Changed a few of the samples to use bar_spacing
- Implemented numerical X axis, based on a changed axestype.pm from
  Scott Prahl <prahl@ece.ogi.edu>. many thanks.
- Added sample54 to illustrate

Tue August 18 1998

- Added rudimentary mixed type graph

Mon August 17 1998

- Added control over axis label placement through x_label_position and
- Added possibility to call a coderef to format the y labels. See
	(Idea: brian d foy <comdog@computerdog.com>)
- Fixed some bugs (see file BUGS, version 1.04)

Fri August 14 1998

- Uploaded version 1.03 to CPAN

- Finally able to make some fixes
- Changed defaults for zero_axis and zero_axis_only to 0. Were both 1.
  Needed to do this, because of all the confusion they cause
- Test for defined $s->{y_(min|max)_value} 
	(Honza Pazdziora <adelton@informatics.muni.cz>)
	(Vegard Vesterheim <vegardv@runit.sintef.no>)
- Fixed handling of negative values (I hope)
	(brian d foy <comdog@computerdog.com>)
- From now on, require 5.004. 5.003 is dead, and should be deprecated
  now that 5.005 is out.
- Added 5.005 specific MakeMaker fields to Makefile.PL

Tue May 12 1998

- Cleaned up a bit, finalised version 1.02, because of time
  contraints, and the need to get these bug fixes out. Didn't succeed.

Mon Jan 19 1998

- Fixed some bugs (see file BUGS, version 1.02)
- Added option x_all_ticks, to force all x ticks to be printed, even
  if x_label_skip is set.
- Added option x_labels_vertical, to print x labels vertical
	(Thanks to DBelcher <dbelcher@cyberhino.com> for a patch)

Fri Jan  9 1998

- Fixed some bugs (see file BUGS, version 1.01)
- Added formatting for y labels (option y_label_format)

Tue Dec 23 1997

- Changed PERL=perl5 to PERL=perl in samples/Makefile (D'OH!)
- Added read_rgb to GIFgraph::colour to allow definition of own colours
- Added t/colour.t
- Removed a lot of unnecessary quotes all over the place

Mon Dec 22 1997

- Center graph titles on axes, not on png
- Added line types
- Moved initialise() to each module with $self->SUPER inheritance
- Added check for duplicate GD::Image object initialisation
- Added binmode() to t/ff.pl to make tests compatible with Win32 
  platforms (D'OH).

Thu Dec 18 1997

- Allow undef values in data sets, and skip them
- Added prototyping of functions
- Legends, finally
  requests from Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@link.no>
  				Giorgos Andreadakis <gand@forthnet.gr>

Tue Dec 16 1997

- Added documentation for dclrs and markers options
- removed line_width and ReadFile from the documentation (unimplemented)
- Started on port to win32
- Changed Area to use Polygon and to work with negative numbers

Mon Dec 15 1997

- Added support for negative numbers in lines, points and linespoints 
- Added new options: zero_axis, and zero_axis_only (code and documentation)
- Added new options: y_min_value, y1_min_value, y2_min_value

Fri Dec 12 1997

- Changed 0 angle for pies to be at front/bottom, to make calculations a 
  bit easier
- Added test scripts for 'make test'

Before Fri Dec 05 1997

- Lots of minor tuning
- Added x_ticks option 
  requests from Will Mitayai Keeso Rowe - thelab@nmarcom.com
			    mparvataneni@quadravision.com (Murali Parvataneni)
- Added binmode() here and there to accommodate for platforms that need