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Maroš Kollár
Mail::Builder - Easily create plaintext/html e-mail messages with attachments and inline images
Mail::Builder::Address - Module for handling e-mail addresses
Mail::Builder::Attachment - Class for handling e-mail attachments
Mail::Builder::Image - Class for handling inline images
Mail::Builder::List - Helper module for handling various lists
Mail::Builder::Attachment::Data in lib/Mail/Builder/Attachment/Data.pm
Mail::Builder::Attachment::File in lib/Mail/Builder/Attachment/File.pm
Mail::Builder::Image::Data in lib/Mail/Builder/Image/Data.pm
Mail::Builder::Image::File in lib/Mail/Builder/Image/File.pm
Mail::Builder::Role::File in lib/Mail/Builder/Role/File.pm
Mail::Builder::TypeConstraints in lib/Mail/Builder/TypeConstraints.pm
Changes for version 2.09
    • Fix deprecation warning with latest Moose

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