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Shlomi Fish
Mail::LMLM - List of Mailing Lists Manager
Mail::LMLM::Render - rendering backend for LMLM
Mail::LMLM::Render::HTML - backend for rendering HTML.
Mail::LMLM::Types::Base - the base class for the mailing list types.
Mail::LMLM::Types::Egroups - mailing list type for YahooGroups.
Mail::LMLM::Types::Ezmlm - mailing list type for ezmlm-based mailing lists.
Mail::LMLM::Types::GoogleGroups - mailing list type for Google groups mailing lists.
Mail::LMLM::Types::Listar - mailing list type for Listar-based mailing lists.
Mail::LMLM::Types::Listserv - mailing list type for listserv.
Mail::LMLM::Types::Mailman - mailing list type for Mailman-based mailing lists.
Mail::LMLM::Types::Majordomo - mailing list type for Majordomo-based mailing lists.
Mail::LMLM::Object in lib/Mail/LMLM/Object.pm
Changes for version 0.6803
    • Minimal version of perl is 5.008.
    • Add t/style-trailing-space.t and remove trailing space.
    • Add "use warnings;" everywhere.
    • Add the LICENSE file (CPANTS).

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