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Ed J
mpopd - A POP3 stand-alone forking daemon or inetd server
mpopdctl - a script to make starting, stopping and sending signals to mpopd a bit more convenient:
Mail::POP3 - a module implementing a full POP3 server
Mail::POP3::Folder::maildir - class that handles an maildir-format mailbox for POP3
Mail::POP3::Folder::mbox - class that handles an mbox-format mailbox for POP3
Mail::POP3::Folder::mbox::parse_to_disk - class that handles an mbox-format mailbox for POP3, storing messages on disk and not in memory
Mail::POP3::Folder::webscrape - class that makes a website look like a POP3 mailbox
LWP::UserAgent::RedirectNotOk in lib/Mail/POP3/Folder/webscrape.pm
Mail::POP3::Daemon in lib/Mail/POP3/Daemon.pm
Mail::POP3::Security::Connection in lib/Mail/POP3/Security/Connection.pm
Mail::POP3::Security::User in lib/Mail/POP3/Security/User.pm
Mail::POP3::Server in lib/Mail/POP3/Server.pm
Changes for version 3.08
    • webscrape.t still failed on Strawberry Perl if LANG=ru_RU.utf8 - fix

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