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Yichun Zhang (章亦春)
MDOM::Dumper - Dumping of MDOM trees
MDOM::Element - The abstract Element class, a base for all source objects
MDOM::Node - Abstract MDOM Node class, an Element that can contain other Elements
MDOM::Token - A single token of Makefile source code
MDOM::Token::Comment - A comment in Makefile source code
MDOM::Token::Separator - Makefile separators like colons and leading tabs
MDOM::Token::Whitespace - Tokens representing ordinary white space
Makefile::DOM - Simple DOM parser for Makefiles
MDOM::Assignment in lib/MDOM/Assignment.pm
MDOM::Command in lib/MDOM/Command.pm
MDOM::Directive in lib/MDOM/Directive.pm
MDOM::Document in lib/MDOM/Document.pm
MDOM::Document::Gmake in lib/MDOM/Document/Gmake.pm
MDOM::Rule in lib/MDOM/Rule.pm
MDOM::Rule::Simple in lib/MDOM/Rule/Simple.pm
MDOM::Rule::StaticPattern in lib/MDOM/Rule/StaticPattern.pm
MDOM::Token::Bare in lib/MDOM/Token/Bare.pm
MDOM::Token::Continuation in lib/MDOM/Token/Continuation.pm
MDOM::Token::Interpolation in lib/MDOM/Token/Interpolation.pm
MDOM::Token::Modifier in lib/MDOM/Token/Modifier.pm
MDOM::Unknown in lib/MDOM/Unknown.pm
MDOM::Util in lib/MDOM/Util.pm
Changes for version 0.006
    • Fixed a syntax error in the POD documentation. thanks Mikhail Gusarov.

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