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Jan Henning Thorsen
Mandel - Async model layer for MongoDB objects using Mango
Mandel::Collection - A collection of Mandel documents
Mandel::Document - A single MongoDB document with logic
Mandel::Iterator - An object iterating over a collection cursor
Mandel::Model - An object modelling a document
Mandel::Model::Field - Field meta object
Mandel::Relationship - Base class for relationships
Mandel::Relationship::BelongsTo - A document is owned by another mongodb document
Mandel::Relationship::HasMany - A field relates to many other mongodb document
Mandel::Relationship::HasOne - A field relates to another mongodb document
Mandel::Relationship::ListOf - A field points to many other MongoDB documents
andel - Oneliner Mandel magic
Changes for version 0.20
  • Add "builder" support to field.
  • Remove "_build_data" from documentation.

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