Rene Schickbauer

Changes for version 0.995

  • Add option to backup as different user
  • Worker can now do backups
  • Fix command handling for commands without arguments (column = NULL)
  • Added Admin Report
  • Added File manager for VNC
  • Added VNC subsystem
  • Added basic tablefilter, added "acronis agent" flag
  • Removed unused vars
  • Also show PBP page number for Perl::Critic
  • Added WebApps, switchable small tools and toys (currently implemented: Snow and Weather)
  • Changed hard tabs to spaces
  • Basic MapMaker function for computerdb
  • Made graphical computer location work (alpha status)
  • Fixed editing computers
  • Use db instead of hardcoded domains
  • Fixed cost unit mask
  • Added is_active flag to globalprodlines mask
  • Modernized user/admin handling of commandqueue
  • Bugfix - return false on unknown user
  • Bugfix deref
  • Added multilanguage support
  • Force "use English" to work properly
  • Adapted perlcritic settings to correspond to my darkpan default
  • Re-instating dynamic loading of modules
  • Disable helloworld test by default. Depending on host configuration, this might block.
  • Automatically require Net::SSLeay
  • Added basic HTTPS support
  • Add support for files in the root directory
  • Add some missing mime types to StaticCache
  • Prevent certain XSS attacks
  • Merge plugin ComputerDB into main framework
  • Merge Maplat::Logging into the main framework
  • Add "loading" graphic
  • Fixed perlcritic (heredoc terminator must be quotet)
  • Fixed bug with undefined EXTRAINC
  • More jquery magic, more forms. Also moved to its rightfull project
  • Update to new jquery-ui 1.8.6
  • Bugfix: Wrong handling of local copy of variable
  • Switched back from YAML::XS to YAML::Syck - YAML::XS seems to have problems with complex reference structures
  • Fixed missing "rollback", added more debug info
  • Fixed lexical variable reuse
  • Added optimized handling from memcachedb to session_settings
  • Fixed POD coverage
  • Bugfix: Return success on set if yamldata hasn't changed
  • Lower the number of updates in memcachedb (only update if value has actually changed). Use YAML encoded data in realmemcache to do the checking.
  • Fixed handling of lifeticks in MemCachePg (now pass-through wrapper to real memcache)
  • Bugfixes for forking mode
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