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Jeffrey Kegler
Marpa::HTML - High-level HTML Parser
Marpa::HTML::Support - Marpa::HTML Support, and How to Report Bugs
html_fmt - Reformat HTML, indented according to structure
html_score - Show complexity metric and other stats for web page
Marpa::HTML in lib/Marpa/HTML.pm
Marpa::HTML::Internal in lib/Marpa/HTML.pm
Marpa::HTML::Internal::Callback in lib/Marpa/HTML/Callback.pm
Marpa::HTML::Offset in lib/Marpa/HTML/Offset.pm
Marpa::HTML::Test in lib/Marpa/HTML/Test.pm
Marpa::HTML::Test::Util in lib/Marpa/HTML/Test/Util.pm
Changes for version 0.112000
  • Silence warning if no Marpa::XS.

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