Ron Savage

Changes for version 1.01

  • Explicitly test for the files marpa_bnf_file and user_bnf_file. Die if missing.
  • Patch Data::TreeDumper::Renderer::Marpa. The first 2 daughters of each node are the start and end offsets of the token within the input stream. Their attribute type should be 'Marpa', not 'Grammar'.
  • Remove the 'level' attribute from the nodes in the raw tree. It didn't offer any value.
  • Add methods clean_name(), compress_tree(), compress_branch(), cooked_tree() and cooked_tree_file().
  • Change the no_attributes option to bind_attributes. This reverses the sense of the option it's true, but at least makes it positive logic (as it should have been all along). This was bugging me, both here and (potentially) in the next module in the chain, Marpa::Grammar::GraphViz2.
  • Expand the docs to cover all the features.
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  • - Convert a Marpa grammar into a tree using Tree::DAG_Node.