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Changes for version 0.38

  • Tweaks to Math::GMPq::gmp_v() and Math::GMPq::V::gmp_v()
  • Add metadata to Makefile.PL.
  • No longer define USE_64_BIT_INT if ivtype is 'long'.
  • Rename USE_64_BIT_INT #define to MATH_GMPQ_NEED_LONG_LONG_INT.
  • Replace mpq_cmp() with the faster mpq_equal() in overload_equiv and overload_not_equiv.
  • Add mpq_cmp_z support. (Added in gmp-6.1.0.)
  • Modify overloaded comparison functions to cover comparison with mpz_t (gmp-6.0.99 and later only)
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  • Math::GMPq - perl interface to the GMP library's rational (mpq) functions.