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Changes for version 1.05

  • Corrections to README and Makefile.PL regarding _Complex types handling
  • Rewrite new()
  • Add __float128 handling iff nvtype is __float128 && mpfr library supports __float128
  • Add Rmpc_set_NV and Rmpc_set_NV_NV functions.
  • Rename Rmpc_get_dc and Rmpc_get_ldc to Rmpc_get_DC and Rmpc_get_LDC (resp).
  • Add Rmpc_get_F128C.
  • Specify EU-MM-6.58 as prerequisite in Makefile.PL. (Current CPAN::Reporter has problems with earlier versions of EU::MM on cygwin, perl-5.14.x. Thanks Peter Acklam.)
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  • Math::MPC - perl interface to the MPC (multi precision complex) library.