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Dave Rolsky
MaxMind::DB::Common - Code shared by the MaxMind DB reader and writer modules
MaxMind::DB::Metadata - A class for metadata related to a MaxMind DB database
MaxMind::DB::Role::Debugs in lib/MaxMind/DB/Role/Debugs.pm
MaxMind::DB::Types in lib/MaxMind/DB/Types.pm
Test::MaxMind::DB::Common::Data in lib/Test/MaxMind/DB/Common/Data.pm
Test::MaxMind::DB::Common::Util in lib/Test/MaxMind/DB/Common/Util.pm
Changes for version 0.031003
    • Added docs for MaxMind::DB::Metadata.
    • Added two more exported constants, DATA_SECTION_SEPARATOR and METADATA_MARKER.

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