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Ricardo SIGNES
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Metabase - A database framework and API for resource metadata
Metabase::Archive - Interface for Metabase storage
Metabase::Archive::Filesystem - Metabase filesystem-based storage
Metabase::Gateway - Manage Metabase fact submission
Metabase::Index - Interface for Metabase indexing
Metabase::Index::FlatFile - Metabase flat-file index
Metabase::Librarian - Front-end interface to Metabase storage
Metabase::Query - Generic Metabase query language role
Metabase::Test::Archive - Test::Routine role for testing Metabase::Archive implementations
Metabase::Test::Archive::Null - Metabase storage that discards all data
Metabase::Test::Fact - Test class for Metabase testing
Metabase::Test::Factory - Test::Routine role for testing Metabase::Index implementations
Metabase::Test::Index - Test::Routine role for testing Metabase::Index implementations
Changes for version 1.003
    • Switch from Class::MOP::load_class to Class::Load::load_class

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