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Claes Jakobsson
module-checkstyle - Check that your code keeps style
Module::Checkstyle - Validate that your code confirms to coding guidelines
Module::Checkstyle::Check - Base class for checks
Module::Checkstyle::Check::Block - Check bracketing etc.
Module::Checkstyle::Check::Label - Checks label declarations and usage
Module::Checkstyle::Check::Package - Handles 'package' declarations
Module::Checkstyle::Check::Subroutine - Checks length, naming etc. of named subroutines
Module::Checkstyle::Check::Variable - Checks variable declarations
Module::Checkstyle::Check::Whitespace - Make sure whitespace is at correct places
Module::Checkstyle::Config - Handles configuration directives
Module::Checkstyle::Problem - Represents a checkstyle violation
Module::Checkstyle::Util - Convenient functions for checks
Changes for version 0.04
    • Added #.'# to list of files to ignore
    • Added [Label] checks with checks for naming, position and break-statements without label.
    • Corrected regexp that ignore files ending with ~
    • Added missing [Variable] section to sample config
    • Refactored some code to follow my own guidelines
    • Moved config value from Check.pm into _config and added config method
    • Added [Block] checks with checks for curly bracket positioning
    • Added functions is_valid_position and is_valid_align to M/C/Util.pm

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