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Changes for version 1.20

  • Fix RT #107304: Newer versions of File::Path cause warning "_Inline for _Inline: No such file or directory at Module/ScanDeps.pm line 1339."
    • drop the dubious call to rmtree()
  • Fix RT106142: Preload dependencies for PDL and PDL::NiceSlice
    • adopted from a patch by Shawn Laffan, thanks Shawn!
  • Fix RT#106144: Preload dependencies for File::BOM)
    • adopted from a patch by Shawn Laffan, thanks Shawn!
  • Revise our stance on utf8.pm:
    • A line of "use utf8;" just means "this file is encoded in UTF-8" and should _not_ result in scanning utf8.pm which will pull in the whole Unicode shebang (propery tables and what not). Yes, utf8.pm _doesn contain "require utf8_heavy.pl", but only inside an AUTOLOAD() that is _not_ triggered by calling functions like utf8::is_utf8().
    • OTOH the innocently looking one-liner
      • perl -ne 'print if /\pN/'
      • implicitly loads utf8.pm and triggers the AUTOLAD().
    • So prevent utf8.pm from being scanned and make utf8_heavy.pl the indicator for "I need the Unicode stuff" instead.
    • Cache the results of _get_preload('utf8_heavy.pl').
  • Make %Preload "transitive" so that given
    • my %Preload = ( 'Foo.pm' => [ 'Bar.pm' ], 'Bar.pm' => [ 'Quux.pm' ], ... );
    • scan_deps_static() register a dependency on Bar.pm _and_ Quux.pm when it saw "use Foo;"
  • Minor changes:
    • drop dubious %Preload of utf8.pm for SOAP::Lite and XML::Parser::Expat
    • drop code for Perl < 5.008 as we require 5.8.1 already
    • rework the implementation of -x/-c
    • add add_preload_rule() to dynamically add a %Preload rule
    • recognize constructs like "open FH, '<:via(Foo)', ..."
    • upgrade to Module::Install 1.16
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