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Toshio Ito
Module::Starter::TOSHIOITO - create a module like TOSHIOITO does
Changes for version 0.03
    • Stop generating xt/consistent_version.t. It seems it's not the best practice to have consistent version across all modules in a distribution. Well, I do think it's good, but maintaining version numbers of all modules is an aweful task. I've done several approaches (like letting a single module in the dist keep the version number), but all of them broke something in CPAN. So the only way to keep the consistency intact is to let the packager software write version numbers (like Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PkgVersion). However, not all CPAN authors are happy with letting software rewrite your code (See https://metacpan.org/pod/Dist::Milla#WHY ), and I don't like it either. After all, many famous CPAN authors do not give version numbers to all modules in a dist.

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