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עידו פרלמוטר (Ido Perlmuter)
MongoDBx::Class::Tutorial - Tutorial for using MongoDBx::Class
MongoDBx::Class - Flexible ORM for MongoDB databases
MongoDBx::Class::Collection - A MongoDBx::Class collection object
MongoDBx::Class::Connection - A connection to a MongoDB server
MongoDBx::Class::ConnectionPool - A simple connection pool for MongoDBx::Class
MongoDBx::Class::ConnectionPool::Backup - A simple connection pool with a backup connection
MongoDBx::Class::ConnectionPool::Rotated - A simple connection pool with rotated connections
MongoDBx::Class::Cursor - A MongoDBx::Class cursor/iterator object for query results
MongoDBx::Class::Database - A MongoDBx::Class database object
MongoDBx::Class::Document - A MongoDBx::Class document role
MongoDBx::Class::EmbeddedDocument - A MongoDBx::Class embedded (sub-)document role
MongoDBx::Class::Meta::AttributeTraits - Attribute traits provided by MongoDBx::Class
MongoDBx::Class::Moose - Extends Moose with common relationships for MongoDBx::Class documents
MongoDBx::Class::ParsedAttribute - A Moose role for automatically expanded and collapsed document attributes.
MongoDBx::Class::ParsedAttribute::DateTime - An automatic DateTime parser for MongoDBx::Class document classes
MongoDBx::Class::Reference - An embedded document representing a reference to a different document (thus establishing a relationship)
MongoDBx::Class::Meta::AttributeTraits::Parsed in lib/MongoDBx/Class/Meta/AttributeTraits.pm
MongoDBx::Class::Meta::AttributeTraits::Transient in lib/MongoDBx/Class/Meta/AttributeTraits.pm
Moose::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::Parsed in lib/MongoDBx/Class/Meta/AttributeTraits.pm
Moose::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::Transient in lib/MongoDBx/Class/Meta/AttributeTraits.pm
Changes for version 1.030002
    • Bugfix: wrong number of tests to skip in 01-simple.t

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