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Dominik Schulz
mon-spooler.pl - the monitoring spooler cli
Monitoring::Spooler - Notification queue for Zabbix, Nagios, et.al.
Monitoring::Spooler::Cmd - CLI for Monitoring::Spooler
Monitoring::Spooler::Cmd::Command - baseclass for and CLI command
Monitoring::Spooler::Cmd::Command::bootstrap - initializes a new installation
Monitoring::Spooler::Cmd::Command::create - enqueue a new notification
Monitoring::Spooler::Cmd::Command::email - enqueue a new notification from an email
Monitoring::Spooler::Cmd::Command::flush - remove all pending notifications
Monitoring::Spooler::Cmd::Command::list - list all queued notifications
Monitoring::Spooler::Cmd::Command::rm - remove a single message
Monitoring::Spooler::Cmd::SendingCommand - base class for any sending command
Monitoring::Spooler::DB - DB handling
Monitoring::Spooler::Transport - baseclass for any transport plugin
Monitoring::Spooler::Transport::Pjsua - a monitoring spooler voice transport using pjsua
Monitoring::Spooler::Transport::Sipgate - a monitoring spooler transport for the sipgate service
Monitoring::Spooler::Transport::SmsSend - a monitoring spooler transport using the SMS::Send framework
Monitoring::Spooler::Transport::Smstrade - a monitoring spooler transport for the smstrade service
Monitoring::Spooler::Web - baseclass for any webinterface
Monitoring::Spooler::Web::API - the API endpoint for the spooler
Monitoring::Spooler::Web::Frontend - the plack endpoint for the webinterface
Changes for version 0.05
    • Improve docs.

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