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Toby Inkster
Method::Generate::ClassAccessor - generate class accessor method
MooX::CaptainHook - hooks for MooX modules
MooX::ClassAttribute - declare class attributes Moose-style... but without Moose
MooX::ClassAttribute::HandleMoose - Moose inflation stuff
MooX::CaptainHook::HandleMoose::Hack in lib/MooX/CaptainHook.pm
MooX::CaptainHook::OnApplication in lib/MooX/CaptainHook.pm
MooX::CaptainHook::OnApplication::Moose in lib/MooX/CaptainHook.pm
MooX::CaptainHook::OnInflation in lib/MooX/CaptainHook.pm
Changes for version 0.010
  • Bug Fixes
    • Skip test case that requires Moo 1.002000 on older versions of Moo. Fixes RT#88459. Andreas J. K├Ânig++ <https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=88459>
  • Documentation
    • Correct link to Method::Generate::ClassAccessor in documentation.
  • Packaging
    • Conflict detection for Moo == 1.001000 in Makefile.PL.

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